For those not in the know THE ORIGINAL UNUSUALIST is a master of intricate hand shadow puppets, ventriloquism, physical comedy, world class illusion and brilliant audience participation.

Does this show anywhere?


The World's Largest Touring Magic Show.

...will blow your mind. - The Courier Mail, January 2014

The world's best magicians - the equivalent of Marvel Comics' super team The Avengers - have returned... for their brand new show... hi-tech magic, death-defying stunts, deception, and comedy all rolled up into one. Forget abracadabra and rabbits jumping out of hats because The Illusionists 2.0 will make you question whether Harry Potter really is the 'chosen one'. - Adelaide Advertiser, January 2014

Call magic what you will - trick, illusion, prestidigitation, or 'sleight-of-hand': but call "The Illusionists 2.0" excellent... This production is dazzling, thrilling, surprising, funny and extremely entertaining - in short, ideal family summer fare. - Adelaide Theatre Guide, January 2014

Bigger, bolder and …. better-looking, this new generation of performers takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride into the realm of the impossible which not only raises the bar for magic shows, but makes it vanish into thin air. - Indaily, Adelaide, January 2014

Experience the all new spine-tingling chills and awe-inspiring thrills of The Illusionists 2.0, a sophisticated magic extravaganza of unprecedented proportions this January. Featuring a new generation of internationally renowned Illusionists, this is the must see Summer entertainment spectacular!

After a sellout season last summer, The Illusionists 2.0 delivers six new masters that will astound you with acts of visual, mental and optical illusion that have never been seen before.

A stunning sequel, which follows the outstanding success of the original production that has taken the world by storm, propels audiences into the future of magic and illusion using cutting-edge visual effects including giant 3D interactive projections. A fast-paced, high-energy powerhouse performance, The Illusionists 2.0 gives audiences the chance to witness the magical genius of six of the world’s greatest stars of their craft, each with a unique skill that has won them countless fans globally.

Adults, teenagers and children will be mesmerised by these grand masters of 21st century magic and illusion. Edgy, exciting and most of all fun, it’s the perfect family summer entertainment!

Audiences will experience the incredible performances of six of the world’s greatest Illusionists, currently receiving rave reviews in Sydney, all delivered in a full-length show.