For those not in the know THE ORIGINAL UNUSUALIST is a master of intricate hand shadow puppets, ventriloquism, physical comedy, world class illusion and brilliant audience participation.

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'It's like seeing things for the first time...magical.' Dawn French

Fresh from over 50 sell-out shows of The Illusionists on Broadway, internationally renowned Unusualist, magician, comedian, mime artist and inventor, Raymond Crowe brings his intimate, extraordinary and unconventional show to a theatre near you.

Brimming with originality and unusuality, he'll make you laugh, cheer and gasp with his uniquely breathtaking skills and hilarious audience participation.

It's no wonder Crowe is in demand around the world. A Grand Finalist on Australia's Got Talent, he has performed alongside Bon Jovi and Russell Brand, Starred on Broadway with 'The Illusionists', for David Letterman and Queen Elizabeth, and earned standing ovations from thousands worldwide.

Leave energized, uplifted and in awe when The Unusualist appears .

The Hollywood Soap box: “Raymond Crowe is an unusual performer – unusual in all the right ways. The magician-ventriloquist provides the show with entertaining, thoughtful and hilarious magic and performance art. Crowe’s style is sophisticated and understated”.

Stage Buddy: Raymond Crowe’s performance is heart-warming. His rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World’ using hand shadows goes from hilarious to heartbreaking in a matter of seconds, and his voice serves as a tool for comedic heaven in a sequence where he shows off his ventriloquism skills. No wonder he is referred to as The Unusualist!”

From Glam Adelaide reviewer James Rudd: “The Unusualist is one of Adelaide’s (if not Australia’s) greatest treasures. Raymond Crowe definitely has that x-factor that you need to be an effective performer, but also that little bit of eccentricity that you need to be a truly great one”.

The Creative Issue: “Unlike any other magician, Crowe performed and all-encompassing act of comedy, deception, magic, mime artistry, shadow puppetry and invention that could amuse any age group. It was a show that left children in awe of magic and gave adults the chance to relive their youth for just one moment. As one young boy commented, the adults laughed even more than the awestruck children”.

Directed by: Doud Tremlett

“Physical and vocal illusions that balance magic with homespun wisdom, whimsy and humanity.” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD